The Podcast that lives in the minds, of two black artist from the hood.

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    The Greatest Hiatus

    It's been far to long, we're still trash though :D

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    Fake deep

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    Nabisco Cookie

    Xavier's sick off the foolishness, Tim's trying to coin a phrase, and it's all mess.

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    There is definitely two hours of this mess

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    Who even knows

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    Take II

    Tim and Xavier reestablish their purpose, and figure out how to stay on track.

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    Salute to Jennings

    Xavier and Tim discuss movies over wine, and it gets emotional.

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    Zip Richard

    It's all foolishness, where to even begin?

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    We Really Out Here Doe

    Tim and Xavier, mostly Xavier, give an art history lesson, Introduce you to artist, and discuss Tom foolery as well as dudes they rock with.

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